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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clean Water for a Health World; a ministry of Forgotten Voices

Yesterday, 22nd March, was World water day and it gives me great pleasure to note that Forgotten Voices International, through its ministry with local churches in Africa, has been and still is very much part of assisting partners access clean water whenever and wherever possible. James Moyo, a pastor of the Rock church in Bulawayo, greatly appreciated when a well was sunk on his startegically positioned plot to offer clean and safe water not only to his family, but also to the surrounding community.

Through the Rock church's partnership with FVI, this well shows a very tangible example of how far your donations to this ministry goes. Indeed it goes beyond helping with school requirements for kids, to helping them avoid water borne diseases like cholera by giving them a chance to drink clean and safe water.

Kids around the surrounding community used to walk long distances carrying water cointaners and pushing wheelborrows to fetch water, which in most cases wasn't even clean water at all. This resulted in many children missing school as time was mostly spent on fetching this precious commodity. And many other times they missed school because they got sick from drinking unclean water. This is no longer a problem in Pastor Moyo's community!

In Africa, water borne diseases like cholera are still a problem and this mainly because of unclean water. Industrial development and population growth have not been marched with concerted efforts by local authorities in making sure every person is accorded with clean and safe water. This is why FVI through efforts by local churches would always support such initiatives. Pastors like James Moyo minister to a cross section of people in society most of whom are the most vulnerable and very much affected with issues of quality water.

Pastor James isn't just preaching the Word to the community, but he is also helping in giving clean water to those that need it most. Water is life; this is why we concur with this year's theme: Clean Water for a Health World indeed!

Your fellow servant in God's ministry,


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