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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Christmas Memories - Part 2

Yesterday, we posted a piece about a family who chose to give a family gift to Forgotten Voices, instead of giving to one another as they usually do. Now, those gifts are giving all year long to help Forgotten Voices. Today, we continue their story from the eyes of another family member, as he/she reflects on what was learned about this exciting choice. Enjoy.


Family Christmas Gift: Part 2

Even though according to our culture, our gift giving was never extravagant, we did still get caught up in the hustle and bustle of buying gifts. These gifts, though appreciated were primarily satisfying wants.

For the past few Christmases, we as a family had given to another organization (Samaritan's purse). This year we decided that we would take the money that we normally would use to buy gifts and devote it to a project. We chose Forgotten Voices. It was good to be able to provide gifts to people truly in need. Also we were hoping that these people who were being helped could at least hear the Gospel. Frankly, this year, the hassle and stress of Christmas was gone.

1. It was cool every time I saw a commercial for something I might want but didn't really need to realize I was helping someone to have something they really needed.

2. There was a lot less worry about getting the perfect gift.

3. There was less dealing with unhappy shoppers.

4. I enjoyed getting just fun little gifts.

5. As Christmas approached I found myself getting more excited about what the total would be. In fact, I decided to put my Christmas bonus in there too.

Come back tomorrow for part three, where another family member shares a new perspective.

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