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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet Agnus Nube - Grandmother to Shalom & Brendon

When you first meet Agnus, she comes across as shy, as is true for many Ndebele (the 2nd largest tribe in Zimbabwe - generally concentrated in the southern part of the country). But, also like most Ndebele, her quick whit and deep love for laughter begins to shine through.

To get to her house, we walked about 10 min uphill along the dirt road from James' house, crossed the main road, and went up another steep incline. Agnus was doing some laundry in a giant yellow bucket, then hanging the clothes along a string. Her humble home was so inviting, as she warmly guided us into a dark, yet soothing room - just warm enough so you didn't get cold, but cool enough so you didn't get hot.

Forgotten Voices is partnering with the The Rock Church, Agnus' local church. James and the Rock are working to help Agnus care for her 2 grand-children, Shalom (on left) and Brendon (on right). The church is paying school fees for Shalom & Brendon, assisting with some food at times, and preparing a community garden near James' house that will supply Agnus and her grandchildren with fresh, clean water close-by and crops that will, Lord willing, supply Agnus with an on-going income within the 2 years.

As you can see from the pictures, the house is unfinished. THey are working hard on the roof. Agnus complained several times that the roof needs to be fixed as it "is like sleeping outside when it rains." But the love inside this home runs deep. Agnus lost her kids to AIDS. Agnus' daughter, mother to Shalom & Brendon, died 5 years ago. Their father just 2. Thankfully the kids had lived with their grandmother since birth. Agnus couldn't imagine the kids living anywhere else, though she gets tired a lot and feels old.

Agnus says, "my life is hard because I have to a father and mother at the same time. It becomes difficult with a house that's not good. It becomes difficult."

When I asked her "what's your favorite thing about raising these children?", she said,
"Now, these kids are going to school. And if they weren't here, I'd be all alone, so it's nice they are here so I'm not alone. They are not alone. It's good to not be alone. I'm always asking God to protect them, take care of them, so they can grow up. That's what I hope for - for these kids."

When I asked her, how has this church program assisted you, she said, "if it wasn't for the local church these children would not be going to school."

And before you go, I have something REALLY important for you to know -- Shalom and Brendon wanted to share their favorite colors with you so you know. :) Shalom likes red and Brendon likes green. :)

If you come back to our blog tomorrow, you can see a full interview with these 2 kids AND an interview with their grandmother, Agnus.

We are thankful for The Rock Church and the way it makes sure these families know they are not alone, they are loved by God, and things will work out.

Enjoy some other photos below from our time with them.

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(From left to right) Shalom, Brendon, Agnus, and Pastor James

A wider view of the house. Look at that green grass! Beautiful!

Their beautiful house, set up on a hill - about 10 min walk from Pastor James' place and about 10 min from the Rock Church.

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