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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amazing Woman!

Meet Joyce Mudenda, a widow and one of the many widows that the ministry of Forgotten Voices through, local churches in Ndola, has tremendously impacted when it comes to sustainable income generating activities; especially for those infected and or affected by HIV.

Joyce has never let life's circumstances weigh her down even after the death of her husband. Naturally it wasn't easy to lose the bread winner in the home; but regardless of the physical and emotional trauma that she had to undergo after his death, she believed in herself and stood for the survival of her family. Thanks to FVI coming on board to lend a hand.

Joyce is very enterprising, she has maximized the little bare land at her home with every activity that she envisioned would help sustain her family and thus help her come out of poverty. She grows vegetables through out the year for sale and is currently growing some cabbages that she supplies to the hospital which is just less than a kilometer from her home. Some of the produce from her garden is sold to marketeers on wholesale. She is also running a poultry business with about 100 chickens which will be ready in eight weeks time. During this time of the year she grows enough maize to eat and sell to neighbours and marketeers. All these activities are happening withing the surroundings of her home, which is less than 70 square meters. On another space of this same plot, she has dug a well to provide water for her vegetables and has built a beautiful three bedroomed house in which she has put people for rent, giving her some extra income. She has also rented another small space on the same plot to a carpenter for his carpentry workshop. This too adds to her income. Quite an amazing lady!

Joyce is a retired nurse, who was actually retired on medical grounds, but when her health improved she was engaged on part time contract at the hospital next to her home. She could definitely maximize her opportunities and make use of a little extra income as she looks after over eight orphans in school. Her activity filled life has helped her to deal with issues that matter most in her life; seeing the children finish school. "I thank my God for letting me live a little longer" she said.

This is one of the many success stories the ministry of Forgotten Voices through local churches in Africa has helped; and all this because you chose to say "yes" to helping orphans and widows affected by HIV/AIDS. If you are inspired, please make your donations to and help create another amazing woman!

Your fellow servant in God's ministry


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Dani said...

There is hope in God. This woman is a living testimony. :)