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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Unlocking Local Voices: Talk at TD Conference at Eastern Univ


Greetings, especially to all those attending this year's Transformational Development Conference, currently underway at Eastern University. During my session on Saturday, 2:30pm, McInnis Building #107, I'll be discussing some ideas regarding how to unlock the local voices in the ministries your group, church, or family are taking part in.

If you aren't there, follow me on or @forgottenvoices. You can follow the Conference at #TDConference.

Joining me in this discussion will be Ian Campbell, Pastor of Missions at West Shore Evangelical Free Church in Mechanicsburg, PA. This church helped launch the exploration that helped form Forgotten Voices. I'm excited to speak about this topic with Ian, who has over 20 years of missionary experience in the field --- and has built a reputation as a true engager of local voices.

Click here for the 1 page summary of the talk
. Keep in mind that the life of the talk with come from engaging with one another, so you won't want to miss the conversation in person.

At the talk, I will make reference to three documents we use that local churches in Africa have found helpful. They are the Tool #1: Gap Assessment, Tool #2: Project Outcomes & Community Engagement Document, and Tool #3: Partnership Questionnaire. When you are looking at the attached document here, keep in mind that this document is primarily utilized as a conversation starter for church and community leaders to explore what they do well, what the community does well, and what is left for meeting the Gaps in AIDS orphan care.

While we encourage projects to actually complete the worksheets (and you may find the same), it is the conversation that goes on over 3, 6, 9, or 12+ months within the community that takes the document come to life.

When you see it, you'll realize that what we are doing isn't necessarily earth shattering, but sadly, still fairly unique among Christian ministries. We are trying to listen and come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ, who are doing the hard part in saying YES to AIDS orphans in their communities...choosing to love sacrificially... choosing yes, when NO would be more convenient (and sadly, too common on both sides of the ocean).

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Thanks for attending our session on unlocking local voices and enjoy the rest of the conference.

All the best,
Ryan Keith, President

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