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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gravity - Let's continue talking

This morning, I was grateful to hang out with the rad young adults at Gravity, the high school ministry at Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA.

Yo. Thanks for having me. I was grateful to spend some time with you all this morning. As you probably saw, I was off my game. God will use it. As I was going through my talk this morning, I was praying for each table and asking God to challenge you to grow closer to Him...loving God and your neighbors.

So, what does that look like? What does God have to say? Does it say anything about the oppressed? Widows? Orphans? Where in the Bible are these things? Keep reading for the challenge.

Here are 2 pictures of Prudence & Peterson, as well as one of their mom under the tree just before she passed away, as I described.

I'm praying for them. Join me. I'm also praying for you, as you experience life and try to sort how how AIDS and your life will interact. Remember to tell others what you've learned and dream with your friends how you can love your God and neighbors...BE THE CHURCH.

I promised to put up some links and a challenge:

1) I'm challenging you to find passages of scripture that speak to these things. Please comment on this Post, reply to my latest tweet about this, or hit me up on Facebook.

My contact info:

2) I mentioned several times that I'm turning 30 in September. If you love the internet, are creative, and want to help local churches in Africa care for vulnerable kids like Peterson, maybe you wanna dream with me about how to get people involved to celebrate my 30th birthday. Maybe we can come up with some crazy ideas to get people involved. Email me at if you wanna help.

3) I also promised some links to organizations I care about:
-- Forgotten Voices: Get Involved - Young Adults
-- Invisible Children
-- World Vision

Press on! Remember to send me passages AND birthday ideas, if you have any. :) And hit me up with any questions or follow-up comments from our time together.

Lots of love,
Make today count,

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