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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a week...4 States in 7 Days

Sorry for my absence. I've been in a few states over the past week, visiting some family and some friends of Forgotten Voices. Last Monday, I spent the day in New Jersey meeting with a group based in NY that is working in Zimbabwe. We took time to share what's happening with our organizations and explore how we can help each other amidst the challenges there. I love how God provides us with people to connect with...minister with!

Then, on Tuesday, I traveled to Virginia & DC. I helped take eight 8th graders to the Natural History Museum in DC. Always a good time to hang out with kids!

Wednesday, I had a day TRYING to catch up on calls/emails from you all and our partners in Africa.

Thursday, VERY early in the morning, I set out for Philadelphia, then flew to Nashville, TN to see my grandparents, who live about an hour east in a small city called Baxter (pop. 1,600). Took some time to reflect and dream about what's next with some of our new projects and organization.

In Tennessee, I saw relatives, went to church a couple times, helped my grandpa try to sell something online, helped fix an apartment that my grandfather rents out, and did some dancin'. People in Tennessee LOVE to dance!

Monday of this week, I began a return back at 5:15am, arrived in Philly, took a train to Harrisburg, PA and then was taken by a friend to Messiah College, where I spoke at a Chapel on the physical & spiritual needs met by our homebased care volunteers in Africa. Some students at Messiah are throwing a fundraiser called DodgeABall, where students pay $2/person to play in a round-robin Dodge Ball tournament.

It's always awesome to travel, meet new people, and see what is happening in other parts of the USA! But I did miss writing to you all. I hope you survived without me. :)

This week, look for updates on some new Zambian Partnerships we just launched, as well as some ways you can pray for the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe.

Thanks for praying for me as I travel, for work and for me. It's good to back home though. Yesterday, Katie & I celebrated 7 months of marriage!

Lots of love,
Until tomorrow,

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