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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Election Today - News

I just spoke with a pastor in Bulawayo. He said that he voted at 9:30am local time (3:30am EST). No violence has broken out and peace has prevailed. He said that peace is evident so far this morning throughout Bulawayo. He stated that people were waiting in line when the polls opened and proceeded eagerly when the doors opened.

Polls will close at 7pm (1pm EST). Continue to pray for peace, wisdom, and a renewed sense of hope. Particularly, pray for all the vote counters who will undoubtedly face pressures from many different factions of the political world. Pray for the courage they need amidst these pressures.

Remember - if you have not done so already, please download the information on Praying for the Election that can be found in our blog...just the previous post from this one.

Thank you for praying and continuing to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ... in my 2nd home. Thank you.

Peace, wisdom, hope and love to you all,

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