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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cafe Bella Hosts Rosie Thomas to Benefit Zambia

Friends in Boston area - Please check out Cafe Bella under my Top Friends on MySpace or check out This is a group of people from the south shore of Boston in Pembroke, MA. They are throwing coffeehouses regularly to benefit Forgotten Voices.

On Friday, Nov 2., Rosie Thomas will be performing 2 sets at North River Community Church in Pembroke, MA. Mark the date on your calendars. For directions to NRCC, visit them here.

This coffeehouse will be raising money to benefit water needs in Zambia. Forgotten Voices will be giving money to Blood:Water Mission to dig wells for people in Zambia, where Forgotten Voices works.

50% of all proceeds will go to the project. $1 will provide clean water to a person for an entire year!

Invite your friends. Rosie's song is featured in NBC series "Heroes" Season 2 teaser campaign. Keep an eye and ear out for NBC's new teaser commercial for the 2nd season of of their hit series "Heroes". You'll hear Rosie Thomas' wonderful version of "It Don't Matter To The Sun" throughout... You can also view it online at the follow official
"Heroes" website:

Thanks for considering this unique opportunity to hear great music and help provide water and aid to people in need!

-Ryan Keith

PS Special thanks to Cafe Bella, James, and the entire NRCC community for their continued support of Forgotten Voices!

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rayc22 said...

Exciting stuff. Continue to be encouraged by your life! Also, just as a fyi, I referenced your blog on my post today.