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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Eve Memories and Prayers

Six days ago, my husband and I were driving to spend New Year's Eve with his parents. I had one more task to complete - my weekly phone call to our Zimbabwe Director, Fibion - before I could relax and enjoy the long weekend with my family. Marveling at the technology that allows me to sit in my car in Pennsylvania and talk to a dear colleague in Zimbabwe, I gave Fibion a call. It was a short conversation, as we both had evening plans. Amidst the business items we had to discuss, I learned that his evening plans involved a 4+ hour prayer service at his church. I was challenged by his and his congregation's faithfulness to prayer, and asked Fibion how I could pray for them. He shared with me the story of Sipho, which I want to share with you. Perhaps, like me, you'll be challenged to make prayer a more intentional part of your life in 2011. And perhaps, like me, you'll start by praying for Sipho. Here is his story:

As millions of people welcomed the New Year with fireworks, we can only imagine what memories were going through this little boy’s mind. Three years ago, Sipho lost four fingers on his right hand and sustained burns to the right side of his body in a fireworks accident. He was on a holiday visit to his step mother in South Africa when this painful experience occurred. His grandmother tells us that Sipho was seriously hurt as he tried to join the celebration with a firecracker. The experience left the boy psychologically shaken to this day.

Sipho lives with his grandmother in Zimbabwe. His father has been imprisoned in South Africa on charges of theft. Sipho is one of the beneficiaries of the partnership between the local Free Methodist Church and Forgotten Voices.

In school, Sipho struggles to write with his left hand. He’s just learned that he did not do well on his grade seven exams. He used to succeed academically, but is now has learning difficulties at school.

Pray that Sipho will experience continued physical and emotional healing, as well as psychological stability. Pray for those around him who are seeking appropriate educational tools for him. Pray for his grandmother and for his father who is still in prison. Pray that the church’s involvement will bring about the total healing that is needed.

Ellen Shaffer, Director of Project Management

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