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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why we are going to Africa - Arrival at JFK

After 14 trips and as I prepare to go on my 15th journey to Africa today, my wife Katie and I cling to the certain knowledge that despite the fears of our world, it is an honor to do what we get to do --- an honor to serve God, represent all of you who give so faithfully in prayer and financial support, and share the love of Christ with those who will likely not be with us by the trip’s end.

I am not going alone, but I am leaving Katie & our daughter Avery behind (1st time). I'm going with 5 others, listed below.

We ask that you pray for us as we go. Why are we going? We are going to listen to, learn from, and encourage local churches in Zimbabwe and Zambia who are faithfully demonstrating the love of Christ to children orphaned by AIDS in their communities. We are going to share love for the 5 year old who prays faithfully every night for our ministry. We go to share love in Africa for the youth group who helped raised $6,000 last year for Forgotten Voices. We go for a senior citizen who committed to praying last week for Forgotten Voices. We go for you.



Nate (TEAM LEADER) - Nate's wife, Ellen, is on staff with Forgotten Voices, leading project management and communication to you all. Nate is the Volunteer Executive Director of Forgotten Voices, leading our volunteers and helping me manage day to day functions within our small ship. :) Please pray specifically for Nate, who is our team leader. I'll be helping him as he learns all that is involved so he can lead trips on his own in the future, allowing me to take trips off or go to new places.

Julie - serves faithfully as our Volunteer Director of Administration at Forgotten Voices. Her husband, Trevor, is on our Board. Julie has a gigantic heart for kids and serves Forgotten Voices to model to her children the ways of Christ. Pray for Julie's children and husband, as well as for Julie to find opportunities to use her big heart for kids.

Remmy - our Zambian Program Director, who has traveled with us for 3 weeks around the USA, returns with us. He is the husband to Irene and father of Ginney, his 14 yr old niece that they adopted at 3 yrs old. Pray for Remmy's safe travel back home.

Steve - in the roofing business and on the missions Board at Carlisle E Free in Central PA. Pray for God to use his unique gifts.

Ian - our Missions Pastor at West Shore E Free, where my wife & I attend. He is a world traveler after 20+ years on the missions field. God has given him a gift of relating well to perfect strangers, which I have observed several times already this morning.

Ryan (me) - President of Forgotten Voices.


This morning, 5 others and I depart from JFK in NYC. We will travel 15 hrs on the plane to Johannesburg, South Africa. From there, Remmy will leave us in South Africa after 3+ weeks of traveling around the USA. He will set off to Zambia after a night’s stay with our dear friends, the Lockwoods. Our team carries on to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. We arrive Tuesday afternoon.

We will hit the ground running on Tuesday, likely eating lunch in the car on the way to a place that rescues abandoned children before they are placed in the “system” for years. We’ll then visit our partnership with The Rock church to check in on their water project we’ve funded with this local church. Our first day in Zimbabwe will finish with dinner at a dear friend’s house -- a local pastor. If people are still standing, we plan to have a gathering around the croc pit (where they ACTUALLY raise crocodiles) to debrief the day.

Pray with us as we begin the journey.


-Ryan Keith
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brian said...

Excited about your trip and praying it's a great success!