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Friday, October 22, 2010

Partnerships in Action, an on-going Story of Change in Zimbabwe

Our God is not limited by geography, but is glorified by uniting the combined efforts of willing people scattered far and wide. Recent developments at The Rock Church in Zimbabwe are an encouraging example of this truth.

When Forgotten Voices first partnered with The Rock Church in 2007, church leaders identified access to clean water as a major need in their community. One year later, a church in New York accepted the challenge to partner with Forgotten Voices in raising enough money to drill a borehole (well) for this community in Zimbabwe. The resulting borehole had the capacity to pump 300L/minute and provide local access to clean water for between 500 to 1000 people.

Today, The Rock Church is expanding the impact of that borehole to further serve the community. Through the continued contributions of friends of Forgotten Voices, the church has purchased two water storage tanks – one for the community school and one for the community garden. The church is working with Foundations for Farming, a ministry partner of Forgotten Voices, to bring agricultural training and resources to the local community. To supplement the training, seed and fertilizer brought by Foundations for Farming, the church has installed an irrigation system, using pipes to bring water from the borehole and water tank to feed the newly-planted garden plots. Equally powerful is the fact that children can now spend their time in school, rather than walking for miles each day to find enough water for their family!

Each of these initiatives – drilling of the well, purchasing of water tanks, provision of agricultural training and supplies, installation of irrigation pipes – was made possible, in part, by churches, organizations or individuals who were strangers to each other, but were committed to the mission and model of Forgotten Voices International. As a result of their combined contributions, children are able to stay in school, families are being trained to grow their own food, clean water is available to an entire community and the local church is being recognized as the hands and feet of Christ in the community.

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Encouraging stories, thanks for sharing!