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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Friday, August 27, 2010

Keeping the dreams alive

It's exactly two weeks and three days before schools open and on behalf of all local pastors and school going children in Ndola, Zambia, I want to say THANK YOU for making it possible to have over 500 children continue with their education. Yes, their dreams of becoming teachers, nurses, doctors, engineers and police officers continue to be a reality as they get back into school on the 6th of September. They will enter the classroom without worrying about where school fees, books uniforms and shoes will come from because, just yesterday I was privileged to hand over your donations to pastors that are working hard to see to it that these orphans continue with their education without worries. The church has become the "father and mother" of these children and every new term brings challenges to the local pastor as to where support will come from to have "his children" continue with school.

Your donations, through the ministry of Forgotten Voices with local churches here in Southern Africa, is making this possible. Without these donations, a number of the children would have dropped out of school, as simple as that. Yes, their journey would have ended and their dreams of becoming somebody would have been no more. We cannot even imagine how vulnerable they would have become.They would have been exposed to all sorts of evil and abuse.

I urge you not to grow weary of the good works you are doing; "God...will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you helped his people and continue to help them", Hebrews 6: 10. Donate today through FVI and help keep their dreams alive!!

Your fellow servant in God's ministry,


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brian said...

This is fantastic news, it's truly a blessing to hear about how God has provided for these poorest of children.