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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back in the USA

Back in USA after 18 hr flight from Joburg, South Africa.

Only got about 4 hrs of sleep, watched 5 movies, 2 episodes of CSI, and did some work.

Learned a LOT about Madagascar. What a cool guy Jason was.

- Feel good physically
- No upset stomach, cold, back ache, etc that typically happen
- Learned some new things about the Bible from Jason and learned how to pray about another forgotten place in the world.
- Entertainment system worked (didn't on my flight from JFK to Joburg). makes a HUGE difference

- Beeping noise from in-flight phone system for seat right in front of me could not be shut off. lasted 18 hrs. poor woman that was sitting in seat was going to go crazy. airline had no way to shut it off, which raises lots of questions about the system. ah well. we survived. :)
- Woman on flight suffered a trauma of some kind shortly after we took off from Senegal. She was treated by 2 doctors on board. No real information beyond that.

Now, after 2 doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts and an orange Gatorade, I'm waiting for my delayed flight to take off... air traffic. LOVE NYC. :)

Thx for praying for safe travels. It'll be good to be home. My dad is picking me up from airport, then shower, then lunch, then trying to stay awake till Katie gets off work at 4pm.  I HOPE to stay awake till 8pm, before crashing until I wake up before the sun comes up tomorrow. :)

Until I write again,
Make today count,
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keep up what you are doing for these kids